summer bummer

top- made by me, jeans- Cheap Monday, shoes- Penny Loves Kenny, bag- Lacoste

The last few days I have been so fed up with summer that I can't seem to put any outfits together. Today I dressed more in the direction of fall to try and shake this outfit block and get excited about the seasons changing.


  1. Beautiful top.
    I don't think you are to blame for you case of outfit block; it's too hot to want to wear anything. I've been experiencing a lack of inspiration practically all summer, and I think I'm stuck in that awkward stage of personal style transformation. Maybe we both just need several new pairs of shoes.

    1. Yes! That's exactly how I feel. Right now I'm moving further away from feminine/fancy towards grungy and dark but I'm still not sure where my look is headed between the two. I feel a bit style-schizo and the heat of the summer has only made it worse. Here's to hoping cooler weather brings us a surge in creativity and personal style!