final days of winter

cardigan- Dolan, shirt + skirt- H&M, purse + hat- Urban Outfitters, boots- Dolce Vita

I've been spending a little time re-imagining some of my fall and winter outfits for warmer weather. I'm never quite ready to bust out all the pastels and florals when the grass is mostly brown and the trees and bushes are still bare, so I like to take this winter-to-spring period to appreciate my cold-weather clothes before putting them away for the season. This cardigan was a mainstay in my fall and winter wardrobe, thrown over a white t-shirt and leggings or jeans with some ankle booties, but I'm liking it just as much with a skirt and bare legs.


prep school

jacket- Unif, sweater + collared shirt- Forever 21, skirt- Urban Outfitters, shoes- Asos, backpack-Aldo

Spring is finally on its way, but I'd like to squeeze in a few more wintry outfits before the snow melts completely and the trees grow some leaves. Back in October I said this grey cropped sweater and white collared shirt would be my go-to combination for fall and winter and they really were! Paired with this plaid skirt and a backpack, they give off that Catholic school uniform look I've always weirdly loved (though I'm sure I would feel differently if I had actually had to wear one).


so fresh, so clean

I've spent the last four years pushing my hair to the absolute limit- bleaching it, curling it, and growing it long without regular trims. As much as I loved the way I looked with long hair, my hair simply didn't look good anymore. The ends were fried and breaking, my roots were overgrown, and I was too scared to color it myself anymore. I decided it was time to take a risk and cut as much of it off as I could stand. I was nervous but I found a great stylist who chopped my hair into a textured lob and took my multi-tone color to the greyish/pinky/purple of my dreams. It feels like this is the haircut I was supposed to have all along.


comfy cozy

coat- Noisy May, sweater- Urban Outfitters, jeans- Nasty Gal, shoes- Asos, shearling+leather tote bag- made by me


fancy faux fur coats

via Zara

via Asos

via Shrimps

via Asos

via Shrimps

via Zara

I've always had a major thing for faux fur and this season I've noticed a huge selection of faux fur coats in tons of colors and patterns. Here are a few of my favorites from around the web, some of which may actually make it into my closet, and a few that will just have to serve as eye candy or sewing inspiration (until I'm a millionaire, of course).


shirt skirt

It's not a new idea, but the button-up shirt as a skirt has become one of my favorite things to wear. I love wearing plaid during the fall (like everyone else on the planet) and I have a big stash of men's plaid button-ups that work really well as skirts.

jacket- Unif Neo Mesh Moto, shirt- Target, shirt/skirt- secondhand, boots- Dirty Laundry


messy hair / messy life

crop top- H&M, skirt- made by me, plaid shirt- secondhand, boots-Volatile, backpack- Aldo, sunglasses-Spitfire