goth vibes

 Today was unseasonably warm. I would have celebrated the strange spring weather with a shorter hemline or something pastel but I just wasn't feeling it. Instead I went a little darker and wore a black velvet maxi skirt made from an old dress that belonged to my sister, T.U.K. creepers, Quay sunglasses, Velour blazer, and the shirt I made for January which has been getting a lot of wear. I topped it off with my new favorite dark purple lipstick and a black beanie that has been on my head for an embarrassing majority of the last month.

In other news, I succumbed to Tumblr. I've spent a very long time hating it for some unknown reason but I finally gave it a shot and lo and behold, it has sucked me in. You can find me here, reblogging everything and indulging my own narcissism by posting pictures of myself. Now, let's have a fantastic week and praise the coming end of February and all its cold, stupid misery.

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