weekend in chicago

me IRL:

coat- H&M, fur collar- vintage, sweater+top+pleather leggings- Forever 21, shoes- Vans Atwood, sunglasses- Urban Outfitters Catwalk sunglasses, backpack-Aldo

I spent the past weekend in Chicago with my boyfriend, my sister, and her boyfriend. Since one of my other sisters and a few of my friends live there we usually visit a couple times a year. We spent three days shopping, walking around Lincoln Park, visiting friends, going to a concert, and of course, eating, because that's the most fun thing to do anywhere.

I have been bookmarking patterns and fabrics to make an oversized peacoat for fall and winter but when I went into H&M a couple weeks ago, I found this $30 coat that was the shape and color I was looking for. It's not really high-quality, just an inexpensive coat to hold me over, so I will probably make and/or buy a couple more coats this year. I gave it a little ~*sass*~ with a furry collar from a vintage coat that I never wear.

Lately the collared shirt and cropped sweater have been my go-to combination. It's obviously not a groundbreaking look, but I've always been into that Catholic school uniform vibe for some reason. Since I have a bit of a one-track mind when it comes to clothing, that look will probably continue to be my go-to for the entire fall and winter.


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